Multiple video components still an issue?

I read the posts here:

I’m getting issues where occasionally the videos will not play and I’m getting this error: “The decoder required for this media is busy.”. My guess is that there might be too many rendered

Do we need to create some kind of system whereby only one Video component shows at one time?

@sjchmiela, you mentioned you were going to look into it here:

Was the issue resolved?

Hey @aryk,

AFAIK we haven’t been able to allocate a lot of resources to the AV modules so I think the best path forward at the moment would be to create a single video system to avoid this issue. I’ll check internally and make sure that’s still the case.


To clarify by “single video system”…what you are suggesting is that I have only one Video component rendered at a time?

In a system like that…is it possible at all to prebuffer other videos?


I implemented a solution on a feed whereby it only renders one video at a time.

There is only one issue… when the user scrolls to the next video the Expo app locks up for a split second (during the scroll) because it is loading in the new Video component.

Would I be encountering issues if I simply loadAsync and unloadAsync’ed the video when it they were not visible?

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