MQTT Library for Expo in 2020 ?

Hi everyone. Exists Official MQTT Library for Expo in 2020? I tried with

but its dont worked for me.

Any solution or hope?

Thank you!

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Please could you elaborate on what went wrong when you tried them?

Hi Wodin, thank you for you time. The error is:

That doesn’t look like it has anything to do with MQTT. Could you post the code you were trying to get to work?

It’s true! After search debug the code and the problem was react navigation. Sorry for that, mqtt work fine.

El El vie, 6 nov. 2020 a la(s) 03:22, Michael Wood via Forums <> escribió:

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I am curious about which one did you end up using and why? :slight_smile:

Is there any documentation for reference on how to setup this package, functions that it comes with, etc. for expo react native?