Moved from SDK 38 to 44.. EAS Build for IOS fails


I just moved my project from SDK 38 to SDK 44 and was trying out EAS build for first time. My apps works A.OK on Expo Go Client on both a Physical Device and Simulator.

The build fails with following error

:apple: iOS build failed:
Internal Server Error.
Please try again later. If the problem persists, please report the issue.

When I look at the Build logs, I cannot find any errors.

Build ID: 8786addf-f2cd-4436-931c-a46e22951fd8

How can I troubleshoot this ?

i had a look at your build and it looks like it is timing out - there is a limit of 45 minutes for builds on free plans. what i suspect is happening here is that you are using hermes and importing a large json file. hermes does not work very well for this -

Hmm, so issue will be fixed if there is a paid plan.

It is an old app and not very well optimized.

  1. So either I optimize and reduce bundle size
  2. Not use Hermes
  3. Or Go for a paid plan

Correct ?

right. it would be fixed, but also your builds will take a very long time. you may want to move away from loading large json files as source files. iā€™d switch away from using hermes personally.

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