Move current Heroku/Node/React app to Expo

Hey guys,
i’m working on an app hosted at Heroku. Backend via NodeJS, database on MongoLab & front with React.
Started with

It’s currently just a web app (pwa) and i’m in need of one feature that i can’t achieve on IOS: notifications.

My main question is, if dive into expo, will i be able to use my current stack without (much) problems?

I’m asking this because i’m a single person on this project so dedicating time on will mean to stop dedicate time on everything else.

Hope i’m in the right place for this kind of question.
Thanks in advance.


In theory you can transfer your React knowledge, without necessarily being able to reuse all of your existing code. React Native does not have things like <div>, <span>, <p>, <a>, etc.

You should be able to reuse the backend as-is or maybe with minimal changes.

If you were starting from scratch you could use Expo’s built-in support for react-native-web, but I imagine it would be a bunch of work to switch an existing React DOM project to react-native-web.

There is a learning curve to Expo, but it’s a lot simpler than using straight React Native. I suggest you play around with it a bit to see what it’s like.

Thanks for the infos wodin. I’ll start with a “demo” project first yes to see how it goes and to see if i can get a sense of the amount of work moving to expo would imply.

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