Monitor Crashes / Fatal Errors

I’m using expo (not ejected). In some cases the application crashes (not in simulated environement). That is perfectly fine in the early stage.

Is there some best practice to catch such crashes? I tried to get information using exp.errorRecovery. But in my case it was empty.

Thanks for any hint.


  • SDK Version: 36.0
  • Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS/Android

In my case the cause of error was using react-native-maps withouth an API-Key. I even tried “try catch” blocks around the view, but they didn’t help to prevent the behavior. The app restarted after a screen with MapView was selected. After the restart exp.errorRecovery was empty.
Worst case scenario: the app crashes in production and nobody notice it, since errors are not passed to Sentry.

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