Modify to print contact before camera opened

Hello all, I would like to play around with the expo home activity of my application. When I start it, i get a list of my projects some profile stuff and also the qr-scanning option. When I click on it, the runtim-permission for accessing the camera will be executed. This seems to be this part here:

var a=r(s[0]);t.default=function(){var e,r;return regeneratorRuntime.async(function(n){for(;;)switch({case 0:return,regeneratorRuntime.awrap(a.Permissions.askAsync(a.Permissions.CAMERA));case 2:return e=n.sent,r=e.status,n.abrupt("return",'granted'===r);case 5:case"end":return n.stop()}},null,this)}},1174,[27]);

I ve also seen a contacts API over here:


If I understand it correclty, this is the core file and the execution looks like this:

async function showFirstContactAsync() {
  // Ask for permission to query contacts.
  const permission = await Expo.Permissions.askAsync(Expo.Permissions.CONTACTS);
  if (permission.status !== 'granted') {
    // Permission was denied...
  const contacts = await Expo.Contacts.getContactsAsync({
    fields: [
    pageSize: 10,
    pageOffset: 0,
  if ( > 0) {
      'Your first contact is...',
      `Name: ${[0].name}\n` +
      `Phone numbers: ${JSON.stringify([0].phoneNumbers)}\n` +
      `Emails: ${JSON.stringify([0].emails)}`

Is there a possiblity to play around with this? For example before I open the camera, the first contact within my phone should be printed in form of an alert box?

Hey @epios. I’m not clear on why you’re trying to modify the Home Activity. That’s only used in the main Expo app - it’s not used when you build a standalone app. I think it’s going to be pretty difficult to modify the bundle in that way. If you want to build the client from source you can follow the instructions here: GitHub - expo/expo: An open-source platform for making universal native apps with React. Expo runs on Android, iOS, and the web.

Hi @jesse has a mysterious “any changes made in the js directory will not show up without some extra work”.
The question is how to rebuild kernel.|.bundle
There is no instructions on how to do that. Just curious how to rebuild the kernel bundle?
What extra work is required?

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