Mobile Automation & Expo?

Hi folks, we’re looking to do mobile automation (appium) with an Expo app we already have in the app store. We can make a simulator build and run local automation against that simulator build using a local simulator but we’d like to be able to run automation against real devices in TestObject/SauceLabs as part of a CI system and to get more device coverage etc. There seems to be a catch-22 with Expo:

  1. To submit to the app store you need app store builds (what we have now and what’s in the store)

  2. To do mobile automation with TestObject etc you need an Ad Hoc (not supported by Expo) or Enterprise build. We have an Enterprise account but it seems you can only have 1 build type per app so its App Store OR Enterprise.

  3. It seems you can only re-sign Ad Hoc or Enterprise apps, not an app store build so resigning isn’t an option.

I did ask SauceLabs and they just told me to do an Ad Hoc or Enterprise build so they were not helpful.

So far i’m doing the automation via simulators and that’s working on SauceLabs, but would really like to do this on real devices for coverage.

Has anyone gotten through this and, if so, whats the trick?

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