Missing Push Notification Entitlement

After submitting iOS app build into iTunes Connect I am receiving e-mail warning about issue: “Missing Push Notification Entitlement”

I though this could be caused by creating the provisioning profile manually but the problem persists even after clearing certs and letting expo manage the provisioning profile.

In past there has been a problem on Expo build server causing this issue. Is it possible we have a regression?

Here is build ID if it helps to anything: 3bd9422c-47e9-4093-b478-d10e945ae037

Hi @peller - we have indeed been having some issues with our iOS builders for the past few days. Could you try building your app again, and see if a fresh build has the same issue? Let us know if so. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The issue still persists. I made sure to delete and re-create the provisioning profile, but it did not help.

@esamelson The issue persists even though I removed the code that was actually using Notifications permissions (but maybe the entitlements should be added always because of ExpoKit?)

Hey there. I think the recent build server issues are less likely to have affected your entitlements.

Can you check your “app id” when you log in to developer.apple.com ? This is the same value you would have provided for your app’s ios.bundleIdentifier. Make sure the push notification switch is flipped on. Expo would turn this on by default, but if you were messing around with your certs and profiles, it’s possible you switched it off somewhere in there. The entitlements on your app id are separate from your certificate and profile.

If you do end up making changes to your app id, you probably need to clear certs and rebuild again.


Just for the future reference: I made this work by using a new cert for push notifications (every app in App Store needs a separate cert) and letting Expo to generate a new provisioning profile.

Thank you all for the help.


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