Missing Push Notification Entitlemen

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but It still doesn’t work for me

I don’t use any push notification in my App. And have it bundled with expo. After sending it to the app store I got an email that says ‘Missing Push Notification Entitlement’. I can’t find any explanation on how to fix it. Does anyone have an idea?

I checked the certificate. After checking the Push Notification box it turned in yellow and says Configurable and asking me to create a Certificate.
The thing is: I have that submitted app before and this is an update (after two weeks, the cert is not expired). I didn’t had that issue before and I DO NOT use push notifications in my app. It’s really stand alone. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hey @docpetemac,

You can read in this comment that Expo Managed projects have Push Notification capabilities regardless of whether you intend to use them or not.

Best bet is to just let Expo handle your credentials at that point in the build process :+1:

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