MismatchSenderId error with FCM

I have a problem with Expo push notifications through FCM.
I had it all working fine but decided to change firebase project.
Now I get MismatchSenderId and yes I have checked the new senderId is present in the google-services.json and I have updated with expo push:android:upload --api-key
It feels like the Expo FCM service has cached the senderId.
Any advice how to fix this is very much appreciated!!

Further investigation shows that expo-firebase-analytics package is added to the build even though I do not have it installed and it is not present in my package.json file.
When the app starts the firebase analytics manages to initilize with old values and do not respect the values in google-services.json file.
Does anyone know how to disable or reset the firebase analytics?
At this moment I am only intrested in expo-firebase-core so I can use the push notifications.