Migrating from Expo Publish to eas update -> Not the same entry in Expo is updated

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    eas-cli/3.7.2 win32-x64 node-v18.13.0
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As topic states, I migrated from expo publish to eas update. My goal is to update a private hobby app which only me and some friends are using via Expo Go. App Stores are not involved, yet.

I have tried eas update and eas update --channel "default" --message "my update". They created new entries in Expo Go. I would like to update my existing entry opposed to creating new ones.
Also the icon is missing. Icons matter :blush:. How do I get my icon back into Expo Go if updating the original App is impossible? Truth be told, I never invested anything to get the icon into Expo Go. It was a nice feature you offered in the past via expo publish.
This image illustrates my issues:

Nobody knows how to update a project created by ‘expo publish’ via ‘eas update’? Or can you at least tell me this is impossible?


These are expected behavior for now. We have plans for improving this experience in Expo Go, but it may be a bit before we get around to implementing. For the icon in particular we may add support in the future for uploading an icon alongside the display name for the app on the EAS website, but it has not been planned as extensively.

The technical details on the list are that each update tapped in the EAS Update browsing within Expo Go has a different URL, and this component shows a history of launched URLs. We also support launching updates by channel, branch, or update group, but don’t yet have any UI for doing so within Expo Go. So the solution will be a combination of adding more launch options (which should decrease the clutter in this list) and changing the behavior of this list to handle these cases more gracefully.


Thank you very much for your answer! At least I can stop trying to make it work :smiling_face:. For me personally, that means I go back to expo publish for now and hope you guys consider adding these features before you kill expo publish.