Migrating credentials from old expo app to recreated app with npx expo and eas

I am upgrading from Expo 40 to 47. I created a new app and then pasted over stuff.

My app is already in the stores, and I was struggling to sync up the credentials. As mentioned here - Recreating app will it still maintain push notifications etc? - #4 by arianghafouri

Can you please help me list of commands to run on the old expo-cli to output the crednetials, and then the equivalent commands to run on eas to get it moved over. Sorry about this probably basic question, I only posted after some struggles.

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow - Managed
  • Your eas-cli version -

eas --version
eas-cli/3.3.2 darwin-x64 node-v18.13.0

  • What you have tried so far
    nvm use 18
    npx expo --version

And global version:
nvm use 12 (i have to use old node version as that has the global expo installation for old mobile app)
expo --version

expo credentials:manager

this then prints a bunch of scary stuff, I’m not sure what all to copy over.


In the case of account-wide credentials (Apple push key and distribution cert), it should continue to use the same ones on the new app.

For Android push (FCM), it’s a matter of making sure the FCM server key from the Firebase console is configured for the app. I would recommend following the FCM setup instructions as if it’s a new app.

For the Android upload key, that’s the one you may want to download from the old app and upload to the new one. It may be easier to download it for the web - go to expo.dev, then the old project, and then credentials, and you should be able to download your upload key. Then you can follow the prompts on eas credentials to upload it. If you run into problems here, it’s also possible to generate a new upload key and then request an update with Google Play.

Do note, however, that you don’t have to create a new Expo project in order to upgrade to EAS Build. If you keep the account and slug the same throughout, then EAS build will detect your previous credentials and use them.

Thanks for fast reply! Yeah Im trying to not create new expo account or project, trying to use the same one to upgrade. I think I just figured out the android key part. Going to keep continuing, tricky stuff, Im scared Ill ruin something.