Migrating a RN Android app to Expo loses all data stored in AsyncStorage(Android)


I’m trying to migrate a pure React Native app which uses AsyncStorage (via redux-persist) to Expo. I’ve tried to read the data in an ejected app and succeeded when not using ExpoKit; thus not using react-native 0.59.8 and not https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-34.0.1.tar.gz. My guess it’s because RN and Expo uses different folders?!

This is a related issue: Migrating app from vanilla React Native to Expo - wipes AsyncStorage. The data is actually not wiped since I could read persisted data from AsyncStorage even if I had installed an Expo app in between.

So, is this possible to achieve somehow? Maybe some setting to let Expo know that backwards compatibility for AsyncStorage is required?! Something as simple as a flag for expo build:android -useNativeAsyncStorage would be awesome!

This migration to the wonderful world of Expo would be such a benefit for us and any help is hugely appreciated :heart:


PS. I haven’t tried on IOS

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