Migrate App Signature

I have a big issue concern the app signature. On the company where I work for, we used my personal expo account to develop an app for a client. After a few days, the company open their own account, but some versions were uploaded to Play Store where already using my personal expo signature. Now we can’t upload new versions using the company account, I wrote to Google begging for a signature reset, but I don’t if it will work.

It is possible to migrate the certificate from my account to the new one, so I can work only with the last one?

Google does apparently reset signing keys, although I’ve never tried it.

You can also use expo credentials (or eas credentials if you built with EAS Build) to download the signing key and then get the client to upload those keys to their copy of the app.

In future you should get the client to set up an organisation and then add you as a member of the team.

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