Microphone access in SDK

Your SDK looks pretty comprehensive and I notice the Video and Audio sections, but it looks like there’s currently no way to access the device’s microphone to record a short clip for example?

Looks like I’d need to eject my CRNA app and add something like react-native-audio right now to achieve this.

Is this on the roadmap for the SDK/do you have any information on accessing the device’s microphone in a different way?

Microphone support is on our near-term roadmap! Somebody is working on it right now, and you should expect us to release it soon.


Hi Ben:

Is Microphone access available on Expo v.24.00 ? I also want to build an instrument tuner and need access to the audio stream in order to check the audio frequency being captured.


Hi there - we do support limited Microphone access in SDK 24 (see https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/audio.html) but not streaming as of yet. Feel free to upvote here: https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests/p/expose-audio-recording-bitstream-to-js which will help us when adding new features to our roadmap.