Message about a square iOS app icon when detaching for Android


I’d like to detach my project, because it seems expo does not support Google FCM, so the only way i can do it is by detaching it .

But, i have an error while detaching at the step of ios Screen:

Configuring iOS Launch Screen…
[exp] iOS icons must be square, the dimensions of AppIcon76x76~ipad.png are 76,71

I dont have anything named AppIcon

If anyone could help me that would be cool.

Its kinda funny tho because i only want to detach it for Android, and it seems, its ios pissing me off here.


Hope someone got a tips !



Hey there, sorry you ran into this. The solution for now is to make sure your icon in app.json is square. The issue happens when we try to convert your icon to various sizes required for the iOS project. Later on we can improve this so it doesn’t block you any more.

Thanks for your reply. Any size required? or only square is

Anything square should be fine, but if you want to make sure your app looks really good, there are some way more detailed requirements in this guide. Hope that helps!

Thanks ! resizing it made the job. !