MemPa - a modern deterministic password manager

Hi everybody, and cheers for MemPa!

The announcement dates almost a month ago:

but we just recently published v1.1 featuring backup & restore, and Android is coming very soon (of course it’s available on Expo.)

Two issues slowed us down a bit, DocumentPicker not working on iOS standalone (almost fixed, yey!), and Fingerprint requiring us to create a view on Android.

Basides these, a big shut out to the Expo team that made creating fully featured cross-platoform apps such a smooth experience. We’re using SecureStore for sensitive data, FileSystem for the internal/non-sensitive models (MemPa is all client-side), Fingerprint, DocumentPicker, Amplitude and many more Expo features.

MemPa <3 Expo!

@0x0ece Awesome! Congratulations on the new release! Glad you had a pleasant experience creating MemPa with Expo. We’ll continue to try and remove the pain points developers experience as we move forward in 2018 so the process becomes even smoother!

If there is anything else aside from the aforementioned issues you encountered that you think we could do a better job on, we’d love to hear it and would really appreciate the feedback!