medialibrary getAlbumsAsync is undefined

I’m trying to get access to media albums, and photos using Expo, this is the code I’m using

import { MediaLibrary, Permissions } from 'expo'

// I ask permissions
const { status } = await Permissions.askAsync(Permissions.CAMERA_ROLL)
this.setState({ permissionsGranted: status === 'granted' }, this.getAlbums)

// if permissions granted
const albumsReponse = await MediaLibrary.getAlbumsAsync()

if I try to console.log MediaLibrary, I get undefined, also I get this error:

versions: expo: 27.0.1 react: 16.2.0 react-native: 0.52.0

I made an example of using MediaLibrary, based on your code, using Snack.

Thank you very much, I got the error, it was that I wasn’t using the forked version of react-native from Expo. and also on app.json I had an old version of Expo

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