MediaLibrary.getAlbumsAsync crashes without error on iOS

I’m hitting a hurdle just starting out…

Whenever I call MediaLibrary.getAlbumsAsync() both my iPhone and iPad (on same account) and another iPhone on a different account, the Expo client crashes silently. It works fine on the simulator.

Here’s a snack demonstrating this - it’s the stock App.js, with just the imports and componentDidMount added.

Is this a bug? Am I missing something obvious?

P.S. Wasn’t sure if this should go here, or in Expo Client, but feeling it’s code/SDK related rather than the app.

Hey @colinbm,

What iOS devices are you using? I just ran your snack on my iPhone 7s running the latest iOS version and I’m not experiencing the crash. Also, what version of the Expo Client are you running? If not the latest, can you try updating it?


Odd! I’ve tested on a iPad Pro (latest) and 2 iPhone X’s.

Latest OS and Expo client. I wonder if there’s something odd and in common between my and my wife’s photos library. I have an old iPad I can clean install on and try with.

Hadn’t realised you can access the iOS crash log - dug that out and attaching below. Doesn’t mean much to me though. :frowning:

Correction to my original post. It works fine in the online simulator. The crash occurs in the simulator with XCode, running iOS 12.2, with the stock set of photos and no albums. Downloading 12.1 in simulator now to test.

Update: iOS 12.1 works correctly, iOS 12.2 fails. Error in log is:

Apr 29 22:03:07 Colins-MacBook-Pro Exponent[27130]: assertion failed: 18E226 16E226: libxpc.dylib + 80700 [B558DAD6-9E08-3208-B352-1CA4137B67C8]: 0x7d

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