Mastercard QR SDK

Need your help with work with SDK Mastercard. Integrate this SDK into Expo.

I read about Mastercard QR, and did not find anything that could help me, so i wrote letter to support, and get an answer that they support inly Android and iOS for mobile, and Java (!) fro WEB…

So now i need to write my own parser…

So i still have a different ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Find some way to parse response string by myself (i do not believe that it is possible)
  2. Ask Expo team for help and include this SDK into Expo system
  3. Make Expo eject? But i little bit scare…could i after all manipulations with native side return to Expo?

Hey @just0110,

If this is something you need to implement soon, the best route moving forward would be to implement the native modules yourself by ejecting and using ExpoKit. If we added a Mastercard API to the SDK, you would be able to come back to a standard Expo project by removing your native code configurations and using purely JS again.

Also, so we know this is something you want added to the SDK, I would recommend creating a Feature Request here: Feature Requests | Expo



Thank you!

Yes, i need it right now((
But i don’t want to eject Expo, because it gives me lot of useful things! Such as publishing and Barcode, Notification…
If i do eject, i will lose it all?
I have never do it before.

Okey, i’he done my own JS parser using Mastercard SDK documentation…
Can i give it to Expo team, to provide this feature into Expo?

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