Mapview methods not working

Hi everyone,

I`m using EXPO for a project which heavily uses the Mapview component. Since I started the project, in the official component repo, the support for new methods as animateToViewingAngle has been added. (

Nevertheless, the component that is installed within my project in EXPO just doesn’t seem to support this new methods.

Theres a way to work around this issue by updating de component?


We released Expo SDK 22 yesterday which includes the latest version of react-native-maps. Updating to the latest SDK should take care of this for you.


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I updated the Expo SDK as shown in the link you sent, but the methods animateToViewingAngle and animateToBearing aren’t supported yet. I keep receiving an error whenever i use those methods.

I’ve been doing some stackoverflowing and it seems like the methods work when using react-native only.

It’d be useful any info regarding this.