Maps with POI and Navigate To

I am planning an app that will retrieve data from a database (via API), among the data there are some entries that have a location (lat+long), before starting to code (im quiete new to expo and react native) i was wondering if (using managed workflow) is it possibile to build something like:

  • a list of articles i get from the db (and i can easily do it at the moment)
  • a detail page for every article (still no problem with it)
  • a map with the location pin on the detail page if the lat and long are present (i think this also should be easy to do just rendering a map with a marker)
  • a screen with the map and the closest poi (maybe this require my API to make a search based on current location and a radius) placed on the map
  • a “search by [city/region/zone]” field that will translate in a result set that can be shown as a list or as a map with poi or (airbnb style) as list that update once i move on the map
  • a functionality that will show (onpress) of every poi on the map a balloon with some info and a link to the detail page or “Navigate to” link that will open the device navigator with the route to the selected place (this functionality will be present also in the detail page)

As I said im really a beginner with react-native but I guess that everything can be done in Expo, any suggestion or advice or things to avoid will be appreciated

Thank you

You can do all these with React Native Maps. It’s a really flexible library, with a few quirks (it took me trawling through a lot of Github issues to make it work so that the map would display the user’s current location and allow them to click back to it, for example).

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Thank you… i was almost sure it was all packed inside Expo
at the moment i am able to show a map with the user position using showsUserLocation={true} in MapView and some POI around (with custom markers, details and so)
i have some difficult to set initialRegion based on current location of user but it looks that with some trial and error i would get it sorted too!

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