Map doesn't show after publishing on Google Play

I generated a standalone app and published it on Google Play a few hours ago.
The app uses MapView component with restricted access for Maps API.

The problem is that the map works just fine when I install the app manually with the apk while it doesn’t display when I install it from Google Play (same apk uploaded of course). So I checked the SHA1 and it is different in the two cases.
Is this the expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong?


I’m not sure what’s going on here. Maybe some of the information in these Stack Overflow posts might be helpful?

I might also try following the instructions in the docs for Android standalone apps from the beginning again.

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Thanks for the help ccheever!

I checked the link but in my case I always used the same notebook and, regarding the keystore, I chose to “Let Expo handle the process!” the first time and never made any change since.
I only updated the Expo client and exp cli when prompted to do so.

For now I enabled both the SHA1 to make it work and it’s fine.

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