Manifest string is not a valid JSONObject only in apk

After I publish and build an unsigned apk, it throws an error on startup that the manifest string is not a valid JSONObject or JSONArray: <!DOCTYPE HTML …

I can reproduce this in development if i don’t start the expo server before running the app.
From this I assume it either looking for the dev url or doesnt find the uploaded manifest file on the expo servers.

public String publishedUrl() {
  return "exp://";

Hey @fitsolutionskft - this is an odd error :thinking: could you share your updates config from app.json, and also confirm that android/app/src/main/assets/shell-app-manifest.json does in fact contain JSON data and not the HTML data that is partially displayed in your screenshot?

Also, could you confirm that you’re building an APK in release configuration, rather than debug?

@esamelson Thanks for your reply.

I forgot about this issue because i asked about this on 2 different forum.

As you suggested, my problem was that I’ve been building unsigned app (debug) which is an apk, but still using the dev url.

After i switched to signed apk build everything worked as expected.

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@fitsolutionskft - glad to hear it, thanks for following up!

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