Managed apps crash in production after building them using EAS build (both iOS and Android)

Managed, SDK 43
EAS CLI: 0.37.0

We got a ton of strange errors and crash reports from Sentry after submitting our apps to app stores (no EAS submit, we did it manually).

All of them are really strange, not related to our own code, biz logic etc, we see them for the first time.

All of them appeared after EAS build and never seen before using classic expo build. For example, I have explicit expo-store-review dependency in my package.json file and it worked like a charm in classic build, but now after EAS build on the latest screenshot we can see Java’s NPE related to store review module.

I can reproduce none of them, these errors came from real users after upgrading our app in app stores.

a key difference here is that on eas build you are getting the native errors now! previously with expo build you would only see javascript errors.

you can search expo/expo issues for the error messages - eg: the clipboard error you are encountering is known and reported here. here’s the storereview issue, which seems to indicate that this only occurs in emulators.

Does this mean that we should not worry about most of these errors and we can still live with them? (since we were getting these errors in hidden mode using classic expo build)

I would not want to return to classic build since we see great opportunities in EAS and have plans to add some libs with native code soon.

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you don’t have to worry about the errors necessarily if you didn’t worry about them before. that said, the clipboard issue is definitely a bug that we will resolve in a future sdk release. if it was urgent for you to resolve that, you could fix it in your own node_modules using patch-package if you know how to write android native modules

ok, thank you! Will keep an eye on it anyways.