Manage CORS policy issues with Expo

Hello !

I am using Expo to build my mobile app. For now, I’m developping locally, and I am using Python for my backend.
My backend is running on and Expo is running on As a consequence, I have some CORS policy issues for some requests. For dev, I can easily solve this problem by using Expo on However, I know that I’m going to have issues when I will deploy my expo app as the domain won’t be the same as for my backend that will be hosted on AWS.

Thus, my question is: How do you manage this with expo? If I have a backend at the adress 77.XXX.XX , how will I solve my CORS policy issues?

Hi @nolwww, correct if I’m wrong, react native apps run at “background” Javascript Engine on native devices. There’s no CORS policy outside Browsers.

So, you just need to call your request using like fetch.
If you have some own CORS rules on server-side, just remove it.