Making project available in Expo

Hello, experts, I’m really new into this whole React/Expo world.

I’m currently working on some projects, I’ve seen some online examples where you can download the Expo app, scan the QR and get the project running both in iOS and Android devices, remotely, by this I mean the project is always available and ready to be executed just by scanning the code however, when I try to run them, they are hold in the localhost, so let’s say another colleague wants to see what I am working on, from another place far from me he just can’t.

How can I achieve that same behavior as the projects found under Expo?

Hey @melvin.hidalgo,

You’ll either want to make sure your project is being served via tunnel so your colleague doesn’t have to be on the same network to run your project OR the better solution is to publish your project so the bundle is uploaded to the CDN and your colleague can fetch it regardless of you serving the bundle via an Expo devtool.



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