Mail Authentication with Expo Cli

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on my company’s mobile app using expo cli. It’s going very well and expo is making my life way easier.

I would like to ask if it is possible to do a mail authentication without having to eject expo cli.
In my application I want to get credentials of my company’s mail and check it through the application. (example user input: username as and password as 1234) I want to check if the entered credentials through application is true or not. I have been searching around, unfortunately the solution I have seen in the third party forums require me to eject expo cli.

Is there any other way to do it without ejecting expo cli? Since I am new at react native and expo, I do not prefer to eject expo not no make it harder for me.


It’s not clear what you’re trying to do. If you were to eject, what would you use to do the authentication? That might give us an idea of what you’re actually trying to do.

Also, what is the purpose of this “mail authentication”? Are you trying to download the user’s mail? Allow them to send mail? Something else? What protocol(s)?

Hello Wodin,

Thanks for your answer, I am going to try to clarify my question below.

what would you use to do the authentication?
I have done the mail authentication through using SMTP protocol previously in Android.
To complete this task in React Native, I have found “react-native-smtp-mailer” so that I could make the email authentication by user input but it is written in the forms that I will need to eject expo cli to make use of this.

what is the purpose of this “mail authentication”?
In one tab of my application, I will check if the user has company email account and if it has, I will check the username to show specific details in the component I will navigate.

Thanks for your answer.

There is no support for SMTP in Expo.

What I would do is write a little web service that can do the authentication and talk to the web service from the mobile app.

I will do it as an alternative.

Thanks for your answer Wodin,

Have a nice day.

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