luxon's setZone still broken on android even with SDK 31's upgraded JSC?

Regarding: luxon setZone on android

I upgraded to SDK 31.0.6, which is using a newer version of the JSC, but it seems like it’s still not compatible with luxon’s setZone on android?

This is going to be a real pain in the butt to eject just so I can add timezones to my time displays. :-/

Hi @daybreaker - it looks like that particular luxon method requires the intl variant of JSC. This is separate from the upgraded version we shipped with SDK 31 – every version of JSC has an intl variant, but the internationalization stuff takes up quite a bit more space, so we don’t ship Expo apps with it by default. If you eject, you can easily swap to the intl variant of JSC if you really need this function, but be warned that it will increase your APK size.

Thanks, thats what I was worried about.

We may eject eventually, but our app is in the phase of needing immediate fixes since we just did a limited beta launch.

Luckily, the API we’re using has a responsive team, and they were able to add a localized_time object with the timezone offset in the string, so we’re good for now.


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