Lottie not building correctly on EAS on iOS

  • managed
  • eas-cli/3.7.2 win32-x64 node-v16.19.0

I am getting the following error regarding lottie. I tried to do

  • npx expo install --fix
  • npx expo install lottie-react-native
  • npx expo install lottie-react-native lottie-ios
  • yarn add lottie-react-native lottie-ios to get the latest versions

No luck so far

Most recent build failure is
Build Details — cbe6dd8a-be6b-4e0e-a266-7e8a51ce50fe — @trajano/expo-app — Expo

see the error message about cache. rebuild without cache.

I don’t have anything related to caching on my eas.json

Caching dependencies - Expo Documentation says it is opt-in

Podfile.lock is automatically cached