Lots of problem with sdk 49

Hi, I had some problems, one after another, with my expo app:

1- the useFonts hook works in expo go but not in Testflight. I managed to use a workaround using loadAsync

2- After loading fonts, I hide the Splash Screen, it works in Expo Go but not in Test Flight

3- Then I tried to compile locally to test, eas is stuck on an error: CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for the “GoogleMaps” pod

4- So I tried a drastic solution: I created another expo project, empty, with sdk 49. I’m going to reintroduce all my code but with an empty project, I try to eas build and I’m stuck on “Compressing project file” Tried to recreate the project, stuck in the same spot.

What is going on? I’ve used expo for other apps before, never had a problem.

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