Looping video flashing

I have a looping video playing as a background screen in my app. Every time the video completes a loop, it flickers. On slower devices, it flashes black for a split second.


Does anyone know how to fix the flickering? What is even more strange is that this wasn’t happening until I moved the Video component up one more <View>.

  • Performance could be the issue here :sob::weary: but maybe not :thinking:
  • When you say slower devices… are you using One Plus by chance?
  • Also check to make sure there isn’t some odd black screen at the beginning/end of the source…
  • You could try a different video and let me know if that other video worked better or worse.
  • A snack example of the problem would be super helpful.
  • You could probably ease the reset by using something like the posterSource prop.
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