Looking for developers with Next.js experience


First of all, apologies if that’s not the right forum to advertise work opportunities, if that’s the case please let me know and i would be happy to delete this thread.

I’m looking for a developer with Next.js experience who can basically develop a responsive website while creating an expo app.

The project we would be working on is already designed and the design is readily available on https://zeplin.io so it would be just the case of downloading the assets and writing the code.

We have already a version in production which was built using Meteor + React, but the idea is to rewrite it from scratch using Next.js and hopefully Expo at the same time.

The project is a social network for cryptocurrency traders, you can check it at https://aluna.social/ please get in touch and send me some of your previous works.

Thank You

Hello @thatshems

I sent an email to support@aluna.social with my portfolio link.

I look forward to our continued correspondence.