Long time to publish?

Hi I’m new to React Native/Expo. Although I have a very small project (about 1.9Mbs all assets and code)… when I go to publish it takes a long time. Am I doing something wrong? Here is the log from the Expo XDE:

7:52:08 PM Publishing…

7:52:16 PM Building iOS bundle

7:52:16 PM Building JavaScript bundle: finished in 926549ms.

8:06:00 PM Building Android bundle

8:07:44 PM Building JavaScript bundle: finished in 912119ms.

8:21:13 PM Analyzing assets

8:22:57 PM Building JavaScript bundle: finished in 911774ms.

8:38:10 PM Building JavaScript bundle: finished in 907712ms.

8:53:18 PM Uploading assets

8:53:21 PM No assets changed, skipped.

8:53:21 PM Uploading JavaScript bundles

8:53:25 PM Published

Does my build get compiled on my computer or sent off somewhere to compile? I’m using the Desktop Expo Client for Windows.

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Hey, Good Morning.

You aren’t doing anything wrong. On mobile world everything takes a while.
But, XDE use a excellent cache on their builds, if you wanna try, you can modify a file and try publish again. You will see that it goes just more faster!

Your internet connection can influences on waiting time.

I hope i’ve helped!

Hi victorwads, thanks for the reply. When you say internet connection can influence, does that mean my project is built not locally on my computer? Sorry I’m just trying to understand how this works. Alternately, if I were to not use expo and just create-react-native would I be building my app locally?

When you use exp publish you are using EXPO CDN to publish your js bundle online.

The js build itself works on your computer, but after that, this is uploaded to EXPO to can be accessible to your’s users!

I never user react-native without expo, but i know that is everything more easy with expo. Without expo u will need to do a lot of native codes on both Android and IOS languages. But, if you aren’t using Expo API’s, you can exclude expo of your project.

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Thank you for explaining, I understand now. So it’s not necessarily that the app itself is taking an hour to publish, because some of that time is making it available online.

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We build the JS bundle locally on your machine (the part that says “Building JavaScript bundle”). We use React Native’s bundler, Metro, to do this. After we finish building the JS bundle, we upload it to our CDN. From your log, it looks like the upload step only took four seconds.

So for some reason the bundler is very slow on your machine. It’s not obvious to me why that would happen. I would be curious to see if the behavior is reproducible with the exact same code but on a different computer.

The app is for nothing other than me to learn React Native. It’s relatively small and I don’t mind sharing any of it. Just keep in mind I’m learning so don’t laugh at my code :slight_smile: https://ufile.io/i3p7d If your cautious to open a strangers zip, let me know best how to share my project, here it is on my page: https://expo.io/@dogofpavlov/ffreactics

SO, after some more testing, I’ve found that the long publish time occurs if I try to publish after a long session of development, testing on 5 devices. BUT, if I simply restart the Expo XDE application and try to publish, it takes 1 minute and 40 seconds… Hooray! I’m glad to have figured a workaround.

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