Login: Submit form by pressing enter key does not work (js error)

Login by clicking in the button works, but not pressing the enter key while on the password field (useful for those of us that are keyboard freaks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


You might need to try something like this

fanofskynyrd this is a bug on the expo website. Only the expo team can fix it.

:laughing: I thought you were referring to Expo’s web support. Apparently @fanofskynyrd did too. I see now that you posted this in the “Expo Website” forum.

@charliecruzan, can someone on the Expo Team have a look?

Looking into this today, thanks for pointing it out!

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@ivnnv thanks again for reporting this. We implemented the fix and it is now in production! :smile:

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Thanks @charliecruzan,
Just tested it and works like a charm, keyboard actions ftw!

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