"Log Out of All Other Sessions" is completely broken

Fairly urgent issue: This option in the account settings on expo.io does not work at all. I press it and it does not sign me out of any of my signed in mobile devices.

Hi - we tested this just now and verified that the session tokens on mobile devices and Expo CLI were invalidated. Can you verify with the Chrome Inspector (or similar built-in browser tool) that you are getting back an HTTP 200 status when you click the “Log Out of All Other Sessions” button on the website? If you still aren’t getting logged out of your other sessions, we can go ahead and clear your sessions for your username manually.

Hi @ide,

Thanks for the speedy response. I am getting HTTP 200 from /api/v2/auth/deleteLoginSessions when clicking the button. I suspect however that it’s the Expo iOS’s client issue. After clearing sessions on the website, the iOS client shows an empty “Profile” tab (no login button or anything, just blank page), and when going into “Options” in the top right to “Sign Out”, I am taken back to the same empty Profile page. I have tried over and over again to “Sign Out”, so that I can “Sign In”, but to no success.

Even after reinstalling the Expo app on my iPhone, the issue persists. I have recorded a video of the behavior if it’s helpful. It would be great if this bug could be quickly solved, so that my teammates and I can continue to use Expo and the Expo app.

Hi @ide , Im facing the same issue