Location.requestPermissionsAsync() on iOS

Hi everyone!

On iOS, if Location Services is enabled but Expo has allow location access set to Never and in my app I use Location.requestPermissionsAsync() to ask location permission, the popup asking my app access to location is not displayed.
If I go and manually set Expo to always have location access the popup gets displayed.

Is this behavior normal? I would expect to see the popup also in the first case.
Can anyone help with this?

Thank you!

Hey @flavia,

The prompt should be shown in the first case. Can you try using the Permissions module to request the permission and see if that works? If it does, there may be a bug with Location.requestPermissionsAsync.


Hi Adam,

Yeah… I used permissions as well and got the same result, so there’s definitely a bug.

Thank you,

Thanks for checking that. Would you be willing to create a github issue here?

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