LocalAuthentication not working in GoogleStore compiled App

Hi all, im new here :slight_smile:

Im trying to implement fingerprint auth, but unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore after the app is compiled for google play.

App freezes when it should prompt biometric auth.

“expo”: “~42.0.0”,
“expo-local-authentication”: “~11.1.1”,

const localAuth = async () => {
      const isEnroled = await LocalAuthentication.isEnrolledAsync();
      const hasHardware = await LocalAuthentication.hasHardwareAsync();

      if (isEnroled && hasHardware) {
        LocalAuthentication.authenticateAsync({}).then((res) =>

Any help would be much appreciated

Hey @hawkinsas, can you let me know what devices/emulators you’ve reproduced this on? As well as how you are building the binary?