LocalAuthentication.authenticateAsync without dialog window?

When the Expo LocalAuthentication.authenticateAsync() function is called, a popup message will appear asking the user to authenticate via biometrics.

I am trying to make the login process in an app to be as easy as possible, and instead, I wanted to be able to leave this authentication on until the user logs in. But that popup message ruins everything… I cannot run authenticateAsync upon showing the page because it disrupts what the user expected (to see a login page maybe). And also, I now have to have a login button to be pressed before the user can login with biometrics. My intention was to have the user see the login page, a message would inform that authenticating with biometrics is on, and as soon as he authenticates, to turn off biometric authentication and proceed to logging in the user.

Is there any way to have local biometric authentication without that popup dialog?

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