Local Authentication doesn't work on Build

Hi guys!

Local authentication does not work for me at the time of compiling the application, but it works for me when testing with expo-cli. I do not throw away error when compiling.!

Do you know what can be treated?

Hey @gothaussen, could you provide some more info? I recently made some test builds using LocalAuthentication, and it worked fine (besides the specific bug I was testing- but that only shows up if you have more than 1 app using LocalAuthentication installed via testflight, let me know if that is your situation)

Specifically, we need to know your SDK version, the device/OS, and preferably the error that’s popping up if you can get the logs!

Hello! at the end it was the issue of permissions in the app.json assigned the USE_FINGERPRINT and everything worked fine.

Now my problem is that in SAMSUNG devices this does not work (I guess it’s because the application does not have USE_FINGERPRINT permission and does not request it), since in Huawei, it works well.

Searching in the PERMISSIONS plugin, it does not have the USE_FINGERPRINT permission anywhere. What can I do? Any ideas?

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