loadassetasync & fonts/images

As the docs say, you should use loadassetasync to load fonts and images before your app fully starts. Im curious if there I do this:

async _loadAssetsAsync() {
try {
await cacheAssetsAsync({
images: [require(‘./assets/images/expo-wordmark.png’)],
fonts: [
{ ‘space-mono’: require(‘./assets/fonts/SpaceMono-Regular.ttf’) },
} catch (e) {
'There was an error caching assets (see: main.js), perhaps due to a ’ +
‘network timeout, so we skipped caching. Reload the app to try again.’
} finally {
this.setState({ appIsReady: true });

then change pages/components if there is a way I need to call the images/fonts I loaded from the app.js.