Live Activities/ActivityKit in Expo - looking for how to get started

I’m looking to integrated Live Activities / ActivityKit in an Expo powered iOS app, but I’m not sure entirely where to get started.

I don’t see any specific plugins or modules about Live Activities, and couldn’t find any information on the forums about them as well. I know it would require native Swift UI code integrated into the React Native app, which I believe would be done as a ‘module’. But, as far as I know, Live Activities are Swift UI only, so it’s more about writing the Swift UI code and have the application actively use it versus exposing it to React Native.

New to the Expo world so maybe be missing something obvious but would love any information/documentation on how to get started. Thank you!

Problem is, that Live Activities are in fact just widget with faster updates. Building widgets with React Native is tricky due to memory limitations. There are few libraries to help with it, but all are pretty limited.
It seems that only way for now (and near future) is to build Live Activities as native code extension directly in XCode.

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