listen to other app intent from a harware embedded


I have a special Android terminal with a barcode scanner (‘imager’) embedded and want to get & display the data scanned in my app in foreground.

This terminal has a service app that runs intent , so that my Expo app would receive the data scanned ‘data’.
We can set this service with intent output parameters :

  • intent output : that we want by example : “”
  • intent Extras : “text”
    The terminal has a button that activate the scanner and that service.

What could I need to use in Expo commands to receive the data scanned please ?
“Linking” command is for url , here “” is a uri
and in “IntentLauncher” lib , if that answers the problem, I do not know that ActivityAction to choose to get that data emitted by the intent.

thank you per advance for your lightings !