Linking to different browsers

Hello guys,
I want to build a helper app which would automatize some tasks that are currently done manually. It’s not very complicated: the app receives a link from a server and it should be able to open it in a specific browser from a list of browsers which are already installed on the phone both on Android and iOS. I think expo is perfect for this. I’m using Linking with URI schemes and I’ve managed to do it on iOS on the browsers which interest me like this:

  • open Firefox with Linking.openURL('firefox://open-url?url='+ url);
  • open Chrome with Linking.openURL('googlechrome://' + url);
  • open Safari with Linking.openURL(url);

The problem is on Android. I’ve only managed to launch Chrome with:
Linking.openURL('googlechrome://navigate?url=' + url);
I still want to open Firefox and UC Browser but I can’t even launch the apps with their URI scheme nevermind passing the url. Tried:


but to no avail. What am I missing?

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