Linking.getInitialURL returns url with exps scheme instead of https

I’m setting up universal links (iOS) and app links (Android) into my stand-alone app. I have the associated domains set up correctly so that tapping a link to https:///? either opens the app or foregrounds it. The scheme on the initial URL is not what I expect and I’m wondering if this is normal.

I’m examining the URL that causes the app to open by setting some state as follows:

componentDidMount() {
    Linking.getInitialURL().then(url => {
      if (url) {
        this.setState({ testingMsg: url });

(This changes a view, so I can inspect the URL. Console logging wasn’t working and I got fed up trying to get it to work.) I expect a URL like https://<my domain>... but instead am seeing exps://<my domain>.... I can certainly deal with the changed scheme, but I’d like to know if this is the normal/intended behaviour.

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