Linking.getInitialUrl() on Android Standalone Build not returning scheme://

If my app name is Xyz and the scheme set on app.json is xyz too, why is it that when I do exp build:android and install the APK on my phone, Linking.getInitialUrl() returns the URL as

Shouldn’t the inital URL be xyz:// ?

Linking.getInitialURL().then((url) => {
    this.handleInitialUrl(url) //This should return xyz:// each time I open my app, right?
Linking.addEventListener('url', this.handleLinking);

Am I missing something here?

Yeah, this is probably a bug. The URL should be closer to something like

Phew, alright then. I broke myself for two days to figure out what was crashing my Android APKs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shall I raise this issue on GitHub?