Linking.getInitialUri doesn't give the correctly deeplinked URL in iOS on app launch

On opening a deep link configured in branch in the format:

It opens correctly when listened to via “Linking.addEventListener” in both iOS and Android.
When I try to get the link for initial app launch (via Linking.getInitialUri), the URL shows correctly in Android, but not in iOS.
In iOS I see only exp{auto_generated_number}://

I see there is some code for EXLinkingManager.m which overwrites the initialUri and so even when I tried to use RCTLinkingManager in AppDelegate → application:openURL:options. It uses the Expo one and I can’t get the same URL as android on app launch.

Also, the app has been used for quite some time and has been detached from around v19 so it’s possible that I have made some mistakes in an update in between. I noticed, Branch has been removed from Android but is there in iOS, could this be the cause?
I read the linking documentation and the source code of EXLinkingManager.m but not able to figure out what exactly is wrong. Some explanation about the intended behavior of Expo in such scenarios would help me understand the code a lot.