Linking.canOpenUrl does not work

Hello Expo team,

First of all, thank you for all that you do!

Linking.canOpenUrl does not work properly with Expo it seems. My use case is opening the Instagram app on a specific media ID if installed, and if not, open it in a WebBrowser instead. Hence, I would like to use the call to determine what to do, however it always returns false, even if the app is installed.

If I try to open the link anyway by just doing Linking.openUrl('instagram://app'), Instagram opens just fine.

It also works with a specific media id

This problem might be, that as pr the docs for the call, a change must be made to the .plist of iOS:
NOTE: As of iOS 9, your app needs to provide the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key inside Info.plist or canOpenURL will always return false.

Any way this could be supported, or something I can change locally to make it work without ejecting? Thanks

Instagram linking docs for reference

@ben can you take a look at this? This was also posted to github as

Your answer on github is correct.