Linkedin login configuration in standalone

I want to integrate Linkedin login into my app.
In development everything works fine, however, in a standalone application it doesn’t.

My redirect URL has changed to <>://redirect.
In Linkedin application configuration, I cannot enter the redirect from above, because it doesn’t start with http or https - unlike the development one.

What can I do to make it work?

Thanks from advance.

SDK version 38,
IOS, Android.

Hey @oron11,

Unfortunately LinkedIn restricts redirect urls to only those that conform to http(s). To implement LinkedIn auth you would need to switch to the Bare workflow and use the LinkedIn SDK.


@adamjnav That’s very sad to hear, the entire application is working already with the Managed workflow.
Is there any WA for this issue? it’s just this redirect thing that I can’t add to my Linkedin application.

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