Linkedin Auth question

Hi, I need Linkedin Authorization for my app.

First of all, I think Expo’s amazing. Thank you.

I was trying to implement FB / Linkedin Auth in my app.
From what I know, I need access to the iOS and Android native codes to add Linkedin SDK.

Is there any alternative of doing this using Expo without ejecting?

I would recommend taking a look at our WebBrowser module. You can use it to build OAuth flows, as described here:

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to add on to this, here’s an example of using it with Facebook:

if linked in lets you provide a custom scheme for redirect uris (facebook limits you to http) then there is no need for the backend piece here.

Is there any way to avoid entering my linkedin email and password if I have the linkedin app installed and running ? it’s possible to do it using the iOS linkedin sdk ( but I don’t know if I can do it using only webBrowser module (without implementing the linkedin sdk)

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Hey, did you find a way to do this?


No, I didn’t succeed to do it without detaching my expo app. The only way to make it work requires the Expo team to implement Linkedin SDK on iOS & Android for non detached apps (like what they did for facebook auth).

I had created a feature request for that:

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@nirpeled @botmane we are working on a thing that will let you add more obscure modules like linkedin sign-in. @botmane is correct though, right now you will need to detach. It’s not too scary and everything works as usual for the most part. If you aren’t on a mac this could be problamatic :frowning: :scream:

Thanks @bacon - I ended up detaching a few months ago anyway b/c I needed some other 3rd party integrations. With that said the Linkedin SDK for React Native (I’m using react-native-linkedin-sdk) is very limited, for example - it won’t allow opening the Linkedin app if available on the phone which gives a bad UX to users.

I know that Linkedin is the one to blame here for giving a bad SDK and therefore I was hoping that Expo might have a workaround for this :smiley:


@nirpeled Good to hear that things are working out. It is odd that Linkedin SDK is so boojie, maybe try bumble bizz :joy::fire: